Vancouver’s Insatiable Real Estate Market Appears On The Road to Recovery After Covid’s Initial Impact

This spring the residential real estate market in Vancouver took a dip when the coronavirus hit, but now it’s back to “just below” pre-pandemic levels. Potential buyers and sellers are now facing a different real estate market in Vancouver, but the disruption appears to have been short-lived and the uncertainty with rule modifications has leveled out. A jump in new listings would have it seem that real estate is back on track to continue climbing in the previously red-hot Vancouver market. 

Then and now

Property transactions already have plenty of moving parts, and British Columbia real estate laws can be complicated. While the market is bouncing back, that unfortunately also includes a spike in fraudulent transactions. Coupled with the upheaval brought on by the coronavirus, many Vancouverites are now seeking out legal advice with regards to their real estate transactions to ensure proper due diligence and legitimacy of documentation. 

At Hamilton Law Group, we can assist with contract review, title transfers along with the entire sales and purchase cycle for both buyers and sellers of residential real estate. Our priority is enforcing your rights and best interests, while ensuring all documents are properly handled.

We keep our clients informed and updated on all proceedings; we appreciate that residential transactions feel very personal. We’re aware and empathic to the fact that for many people, their home is their biggest investment and most valuable asset. Let us help you ensure its protection and your peace of mind.

Our legal team can offer extensive experience with all residential and commercial legal matters; we aim to provide our clients with personalized advice that’s both strategic and practical. Whether you are in just beginning a real estate transaction or deeper in the process, Hamilton Law Group can assist. Contact our legal team today. Call 604-229-2077 or

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