Sushant Rajput’s Case Underscores the Importance of a Legal Advocate

The tragic death of Bollywood star Sushant Rajput in June has left the South Asian community shaken and searching for answers. The situation has continued to unfold and increase in scope, many are disputing the claims of an alleged suicide and are insisting the true cause of death is murder. Sushant was an outsider who’d found himself successful in an industry long dominated by nepotism. Being originally from Bihar, Sushant was considered an outsider and this status followed him throughout his career in Bollywood.

This case involves high powered, important people in both the entertainment and political sphere; the stakes are undoubtedly high. Therefore, when the Mumbai police made several errors in handling the high-profile case, the situation grew worse. Their mistakes include incorrect paperwork, insufficient communication, and obfuscating redtape. These issues contributed to the public scrutiny imposed on the police department and calls to hand the investigation over to CBI. 

Arnab Goswami of the Republic World News has been relentless in his pursuit of justice for Sushant. He has been instrumental in keeping the Indian community at home and abroad up to date and maintaining the pressure on authorities to continue searching for the truth. He continues to host debates in pursuit of justice for Sushant on Republic World TV.

This high profile case has recently taken several turns; law enforcement and the Supreme Court are involved and no one is certain of the outcome. Sushant was taken too soon, and his family deserves the dignity of justice and the truth. 


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