White Collar Crimes  

Commercial crimes are financially motivated in nature, and can include bribery, money laundering, tax evasion, investment fraud, market manipulation and more. These allegations carry serious implications and can damage a business person’s professional reputation. In order to facilitate a favorable outcome, it’s imperative to engage experienced defense attorneys immediately. Hamilton Law Group’s expertise in the areas of civil and criminal law can help resolve cases before they are made public. 

Offences Against Property and Persons

Offences against property and persons tend to be called “white collar crimes” and can include robbery, shoplifting, home invasion, employee theft and more. With regards to Canadian Law, theft is first defined by the value of the item(s) stolen, the severity of breach of trust (if applicable) and many other factors. These elements determine the appropriate punishment and could carry a long term jail sentence. We can expertly handle the full range of these offences and ensure your defense is engineered towards the best possible outcome for your circumstances.

Security litigations 

Securities fraud can span several industries and years, making them complicated and high stakes. We provide legal assistance for clients facing charges of insider trading, market manipulation, fraudulent investments and much more. Securities-related litigation requires a dedicated legal defense with informed advice and creative solutions designed to help defend your rights and freedom. Contact us today if you are being investigated by the Securities Commission or by an authority including the government.

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