Facing Charges of White Collar Crime in Vancouver?

In Canada —especially Vancouver— officials are cracking down on white-collar crime across the board. Why has Vancouver drawn so much attention? According to a money laundering report ordered by the government, the amount laundered via British Columbia real estate is estimated to be up to $5 billion annually. Vancouver’s luxury properties have been particularly enticing and acted as the canary in the coal mine for authorities. The impact of these crimes accounts for a 5% bump in prices across the Lower Mainland, squeezing locals out of the market. 

Officials are aware that regulation and enforcement are necessary, and have been pursuing white-collar crimes with more vigour than in recent years. The spotlight on this criminal activity has certainly intensified and calls for accountability are getting louder. BC’s recent money laundering public inquiry is a sign that authorities are serious about cracking down on Vancouver’s “cottage industry” and widening the scope to include corporations and consultants, not just gangs. 

How we can help

At Hamilton Law Group, we have in-depth experience with cases spanning multiple provinces and occurring over a period of years. We can help clients during any phase of their litigation and we strive to remain well-versed in cutting edge technology and market factors that impact white collar criminal cases. In addition to understanding the legal framework of white collar crimes, we also recognize that oftentimes there are deeper psychological issues such as addiction, which propel people to steal from their employer, for example. We examine all angles and mount a strong defense on your behalf. 
We aim to provide our clients with personalized advice that’s both strategic and practical. Many of our clients’ criminal investigations have been resolved without entering a courtroom and without jail time. 

If you’ve been charged with or are currently under investigation for white collar crimes such as fraud, embezzlement, bribery, money laundering, tax evasion, investment fraud, market manipulation and more, contact the legal team at Hamilton Law Group today. Call 604-229-2077 or info@hamiltonlawgroup.ca